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sophie maclachlanA letter from Sophie McLachlan.

I'm calling you for 2010 to go deeper into prayer for the unborn,
Luke 18 Jesus says " Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly."

It is time!! The Lamb will be glorified in Britain as He is in heaven! You are burning coals in England and i saw this picture that when we get together outside Parliament we will burn even brighter than before when all the coals come together in unity, we will see England on Fire for the Lord. But i urge you to pray and get intimate with the Lord about the unborn in Britain.

Just over a year ago the Lord gave me a vision one night when i was crying out for England. In prayer I was asking 'Lord how can we see Revival in England, that you will be Glorified.'

He said to me 'I am giving you a burden for my children, do a siege.'

In 2008 we held our first siege outside the Prime Ministers house in Downing street with about 10 people. And since then after much prayer and seeking the Lords face, we held our next siege which 50 people turned up too! Tourists on the other side of the road were taking pictures of us instead of Big Ben. One man that was passing by said that you don't realize the impact your silence is making in this place right now! I felt that day a movement was birthed and the Lords presence was so strong.

"As we regard our pre-born, our babies, and our children, so goes our nation."

Patrica King spoke about the fact we are aborting so many babies in this country, killing many of the next generation, whilst the Muslims are multiplying in an attempt to take over the UK. She said she felt we have a 10 year window for the UK to pray into this.

Its time...but what will you do with it? Join us in seeking the face of the Lord for the UK. Hope to see you at a silent siege!

Sophie McLachlan, Bound4Life UK